Let's make a Racket


I've been thinking about a podcast for Write the web better for a while now. The idea would be to talk to anyone who helps in any way to write the web better about what it means for them. I'm thinking about content designers, coders, builders, marketers, UXers. Anyone really. 


But the idea of having to make a podcast put me off. I would need 


  • theme music
  • branding 
  • lists of questions
  • research on the interviewee
  • sharing calendars to find a time to make the podcast
  • editing
  • transcription
  • style and tone of voice considerations

But then I found Racket.com 

And now it's going to be simple. A 9 minute maximum podcast, with all the "trimmings" taken care of. 


My dream would be to make a Racket about HTML with @timberners_lee Without him, there would be no web to write better.
While I'm waiting, how about some #contentDesign people? Or some #a11y folks? A 9 minute chat about how you "Write the web better" on https://t.co/1dL5XhDKjR

— Jonathan Holden (@JonathanDHolden) April 16, 2021


You might not be Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of HTML and the World Wide Web, but if you're helping to write the web better, we should chat